Whether you’ve just moved home to diamond in the rough chosen solely for the potential of it’s neglected timber flooring, or you want to give a new wood floor a little TLC to enjoy it for longer – We can help.


The timber flooring specialists

As well as installing wood flooring, here at Old 2 New Flooring, we also help maintain beautiful, strong timber floors in homes and business across Canberra and surrounding areas. With over 30 years of experience in the trade, we’ve finely honed our practice down to a simple yet through two-step process that gives outstanding results.


Step 1: Sanding

First, we’ll take your floor back to basics with our timber flooring sanding. Using only the best from sanding equipment, we’ll throughly sand your floor to a high-quality finish using several courses of sandpaper grit from 40 to 100. Thanks to our expertise, we will be able to determine the right level of abrasiveness for your floor, depending on wood type and damage. This helps to thoroughly remove any existing coating so that a new finish can be applied, helping to rejuvenate the wood in the process.


Step 2: Polishing

Next, we’ll follow up with timber floor polishing to bring out the unique identity in your wood’s grain while protecting it against damage and getting the style to best match your decor. Our team will talk you through the best options for your floor, from water-based, to oil modified and polyurethane. This will depends on the amount of traffic it will experience and the particular needs of the wood.


Maintaining floors that last a lifetime.

Your timber flooring goes through a lot, which means sanding and polishing isn’t just necessary when you want to renovate an existing property or repair damage. It’s recommended you sand and refinish a woof floor from time to time to keep it in the best condition and help sustain it against future damage and wear and tear.

We believe in helping our customers look after their floors by looking after them – that’s why we offer pensioner discounts. Simply shows us your pensioner card and you’ll receive discount!

With a bit of tender loving care from our expert team, you could finally have the picture-perfect timber flooring Canberra homeowners so often dream of. Don’t put it off any longer, send us a message using our Contact Us Form for a personalised, no-obligation quote. Or speak to us on 0410 145 388 to find out more about regular timber flooring maintenance for a home or commercial property.